onissuesWhy I'm Running

"My grand kids... I want to keep moving Wisconsin forward so there is a bright future for the generations that follow. Leaving a better future for my children and their children's children. That will only be accomplished with responsible spending and holding true to the values that this great country was founded on." - Jimmy Boy Edming 

Government Spending

I've lived my life by the philosophy that you don't spend money on things you don't have the means to pay for. I am excited to see the results of the policies that Governor Walker is implementing in the capital. When I am elected to office and in Madison, I will treat the tax dollars like I have my own, conservatively and responsibly. 


I have been a small business owner and employer for over 40 years. I understand the pride and value that comes from working hard and making your own way in life. I want to help Walker continue to create jobs in Wisconsin. When I get to Madison I will do what I do best, work hard to create jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. 

Business Climate

I think that Walker and the republicans have done a great job and I want to help create a prosperous business environment in Wisconsin for entrepreneurs to get their businesses up and being successful.



I went to college to become a teacher back in 1967 and taught at Osseo Fairchild School system for 5 years. I later went into business with my Father and became an entrepreneur. Now, over 40 years later and 68 years old, I am back in college finishing my Bachelors Degree at UW Barron County. When I retire I want to be a substitute teacher and I know that going back to school is the only way to achieve my goal. I understand the value of having an education and I look forward to bettering our education system while in Madison. 






veteransFriend to Veterans

I will act on the best interest of Veterans when I am elected into office. This is one committee I would be honored to serve on while in Madison. I strongly believe that our Veterans have served our country with great personal sacrifice, and that we should honor their commitment and sacrifices in the capital. 






Hunting and the DNR

Being an avid hunter and running a DNR registration station, I understand the frustration Wisconsin hunters have felt over the years with the DNR being out of control. I support the steps Governor Walker has recently taken to make Wisconsin more hunter friendly and I will support and continue to overhaul the Wisconsin DNR when I go to Madison. 

2nd Amendment

Being an NRA gun instructor, I believe that law abiding citizens have the right to bear arms, right to carry and responsible gun ownership.